What is new in 2019?

Box of Blossoming

 It is believed that the gift box will bring a special feeling in the spring for both the recipient and the gift giver. This will be the gift box that brings the most festive feeling you've ever seen.

Natural resource areas in Lam Dong and Nghe An

Beside the natural resource areas in Thai Nguyen and Binh Thuan, this year Trao has two new fields. In Japan, Kimura lost 20 years of natural agriculture to create the magic apple for Japan. In Vietnam, Trao Gourmet & Gifts are also doing the same journey for Hibiscus. 

GIEO - The Art of Giving the seeds of luck

This is an idea of Trao Group and has been launched since Lunar New Year 2017. This year all gift boxes of Trao Gourmet & Gifts will have Lucky seeds. They will introduce traditional cashew nuts and spring seed as another option for lucky money and early spring picking.

Selling Tet gifts like airfare

This is an initiative of Trao Gourmet & Gifts to reduce pressure and stress on the guests when shopping for Tet. With this model, the the price will be better, the sooner a customer orders a gift. In addition, there are different packages for customers to choose from such as: Savings, Economy and Business.

Branding is not just about printing a logo on a gift.

With Trao Gourmet & Gifts, we have a lot of ideas to help you create branding. We want to hear your stories and core values so that they can offer you the gift ideas that best fit your company's personality. Please contact us for advice.

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