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Reasons to choose Trao

Trao Gourmet & Gifts is the leading Tet gift supplier in Vietnam


Exclusive and harmonizing design

All of the gift box designs of Trao are created from creative ideas inspired by history, culture or nature of Vietnam. So all the designs are original and full of identity. Trao Gourmet & Gifts works with many artists to design different gift boxes and products.


Gift boxes show your companies personality.

Creativity is the competitive advantage of Trao Gourmet & Gifts. We can offer the gift solution according to your business style. For branding, we will not simply print a logo on the gift.


Trao is your best choice

With 7 years of experience, more than 3000 corporate customers and more than 150,000 sold gift boxes, Trao Gourmet & Gifts is the number 1 supplier of Tet gifts in Vietnam. Many leading corporations in Vietnam and around the world have chosen to offer Tet gifts such as Toyota, Grab, Häfele, Viettel, FPT, Vietcombank.

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Creative accessories

Besides creative gift boxes, there are also unique creative accessories such as bánh chưng playing cards, bánh tét playing cards, bừng nở playing cards and Lucky Seeds in lì xì-envelope.


Best Customer Service

Besides quality products and excellent design, Trao also has a customer service which will help you. We will take care of you from the first made contact until the product brings smiles and joy to you and your loved ones.


The company is built on love and dedication


Lucky seeds in a envelope is an idea of Trao.

Trust in the cultivation of good luck. The project of 'GIEO - The Art of Giving the seeds of luck' will be another option for traditional lucky money and early spring picking of Vietnam. All gift boxes of this year's Trao Gourmet & Gifts will also be available as a gift pack.


We from Trao give more than we take.

Right from the start, Trao Group has been oriented to become a Company of compassion, respect and dedication. We sell good quality products at fair prices and do not aim to profit on the top. Trao is a place where you can send faith.


When you buy you will also become the sponsor of giving.

Trao's mission is to promote culture with respect. Through its business activities, Fostering sustainable humanitarian projects for human and nature. When you buy from Trao, you are also sponsoring for a more loving world where people are willing to give more.

The product is the pride of Vietnamese agriculture.

The best of Vietnam's agriculture

Our Gift boxes are beautiful products both in quality and packaging, competitive enough with the choice of imported products. We believe that the choice you make will not only be because of 'the proud of Vietnam', but because it is the best choice for your business.

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A Product is delicous starting from the root

Trao Gourmet & Gifts works directly with farmers in Thai Nguyen, Binh Thuan, Nghe An and Lam Dong provinces to harvest the best quality flowers for production. In particular, the raw materials of Trao in Nghe An and Lam Dong are developed according to the method of natural agriculture as the old Kimura created the miracle apple for Japan.

Factory standard ISO 9002

The factories are located in Hapro - Le Chi - Gia Lam - Hanoi. The factory has spacious facilities and applies ISO 9002 management procedures.


Our productss are exported to Japan

Our Hibiscus products have received export and satisfactory certificates in Japan. Our quality meets the distribution and market standards in Japan.


The flower is a symbol of happiness and

Hibiscus flower is a species of admired by the world.

Roselle Hibiscus collection of Trao Gourmet & Gifts are made from Hibiscus. This plant is admired by the world for its brilliant beauty, sour taste and excellent value for health.


Inflorescence has many great uses for your health.

According to medical literature, Hibiscus has many health benefits such as lowering blood pressure, vitamin C and antioxidant (rejuvenating the body), reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Hibiscus flowers make many delicious dishes.

Hibiscus can be eaten just as it is or can be used to make delicious food and drinks such as ice cream, yogurt, hot pot, cocktail, mocktail. The varied flavors of Hibiscus products fit the whole family.

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Hibiscus are the path to sustainable poverty reduction for Vietnamese farmers.

This species is very suitable for climate and soil of Vietnam and has high economic value. Therefore, when you buy products of Trao, you are contributing to the sustainable development of Vietnam agriculture.

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